Buy a Home in Long Lake - Travis Senenfelder

Buying a home in the Twin Cities area is a very exciting and excellent choice! Especially is you buy a home in Long Lake, Minnesota. Long Lake is a western suburb of the Twin Cities just north of Lake Minnetonka. Long Lake is home to less than 2,000 people making it a great place to live if you treasure that small town charm. With the small population and its distance from the Twin Cities, Long Lake is one of the safest suburbs to live in today. So if you are looking for a small town with close proximity to the rest of the Twin Cities area and surrounding suburbs, then look no further than Long Lake, Minnesota.
Long Lake is also home to four different public parks. These parks include everything from public beaches, play equipment, boat docks, fishing docks, trails, fields and more. With all these outdoor amenities there is much fun to be had outdoors in Long Lake. All this being said, this is the perfect place to live an active outdoor lifestyle, especially one that involves being out on the lake a lot. If the lake is what you are most attracted to, then perfect! Long Lake is the place to be for you, especially since much of Long Lake's real estate can be found lakeside. 
Lake homes are an excellent option for anyone who loves a day on the lake. Lake homes offer the amenities of owning a lake cabin without the second set of property. When you live in a lake home, you have immediate access to the lake and all it has to offer. Drinking your morning cup of coffee and watching the sunrise over the lake isn't only something that you get to do on the weekends anymore, you can experience it everyday in your Long Lake lakeside home. Whether your favorite lake sport is tubing, water skiing, or maybe jet skiing, you can have all that at your fingertips when you live directly on the lake. 
But some may not be looking to live in a lake home, some may just want to be a part of Long Lake for its serene small town feel and safety. There are also plenty of amenities for you as well as all the lake perks! With restaurants and shops scattered along Wayzata Boulevard there is always something to be doing in Long Lake. And if there isn't enough for you in Long Lake, the downtown Twin Cities area is just a short drive down the highway. 
If you are ready to sit down and work with an experienced real estate agent on this matter, then that is where we come in. Buy Sell Lease Real Estate and Rental Management is located in Wayzata, Minnesota and is owned and operated by real estate agent Travis Senenfelder. Travis is an experienced and motivated professional who has been working in the Twin Cities real estate market for over 10 years now. I encourage you to get in touch with Travis if you are serious about exploring Long Lake more closely. Travis can be reached by either email at or by phone at 651-216-9466.