Apartment Rental Company MN - Travis Senenfelder

If you are looking for a quality rental company to help you find a Minnesota apartment, then you've come to the best place. Buy Sell Lease Real Estate and Rental Management is located in Wayzata, Minnesota and is owned and operated by real estate agent Travis Senenfelder. Travis has been working with real estate in the Twin Cities area for over 10 years now making him plenty qualified to help make sure you find an excellent apartment for the best price. Now naturally everyone has a varying knowledge of apartment living. This is where we can come in and help inform you of every aspect of apartment living that can effect where you choose to live. Learn about a few basic rental tips by heading to our website here.
Some major factors that you should consider when looking for an apartment in the Twin Cities is definitely location. Location, location, location. This is such an important aspect of apartment living, especially in the Twin Cities area where there is so much offered over sch a road spectrum of areas. Maybe you wish to be closest to your work place, or maybe a school of some sort, or even a park or lake of interest. One positive about location is the Twin Cities is that most everything is very well inter connected making travel between suburbs and even downtown very convenient and quick.
Besides location, size of your apartment is a very important aspect. Depending on how long you plan on being in this apartment and how many residents planning on living there, you need to choose an appropriate size. Even if you will be living alone, how long will you be there? If you will be there awhile, then is there a possibility of adding new roommates in the future? Maybe this is a temporary place for a year or less meaning you just need it to cover the basics, then a smaller apartment would help you save a lot of money.
Lastly, the amenities offered with the apartment should be taken into deep consideration. Looking at what utilities, if any, are included in your monthly rent, and which are fixed and which may fluctuate is very important. This way you can have a set idea of how much you will be paying each month for things such as internet, cable, electricity, water, and so on. Will you be wanting a garage along with your apartment for your car and maybe a little extra storage? Along with the amenities included with your apartment, you should also know all the liabilities of living in that apartment. How much will certain repairs cost? Will there be charges for damages and matters of the sort? These are all things to consider when deciding between multiple apartments. 
Now this can all become a rater stressful time when having to consider all these elements of the apartment. This is why Travis would like to be with you every step of the process and help you make the best decision based on your needs and wants. So get in contact with Travis of Buy Sell Lease Real Estate by either email at travis@buysellleasemn.com or by phone at 651-216-9466.