Minnesota Property Management - Travis Senenfelder

Renting out property that you own can be a very smart move, especially financially. Buy Sell Lease Real Estate and Rental Management is looking to help you manage your property. BSL Real Estate and Rental Management is located in Wayzata, Minnesota and is owned and operated by real estate agent Travis Senenfelder. Travis is a very experienced and motivated individual who can help your time as a landlord be a great success! Check out Buy Sell Lease's website to learn a little more about what we have to offer you and how we can be of service, www.buysellleasemn.com
Now many of you might be new to the property management process and what it may all entail. But now worries, we are here to help and get you started on the right foot. Travis Senenfelder of Buy Sell Lease Real Estate is looking to help you gain a deeper understanding of the process as well as be a part of the process. Travis offers three different property management plans to help you out. Each one varying in the amount of your participation and concern when it comes to collecting rent, deciding lease terms, property maintenance, and much more. Our goal is to help fill your rental space as quickly and efficiently as possible by finding quality renters to occupy the space. 
One main perk of choosing Buy Sell Lease Real Estate and Rental Management to help you manage your property, is that we can take away a lot of the stress from you. If you choose to be aided by us, you can choose how involved you want BSL Real Estate to be in order to ensure that your rental space is being ran the way you want it to be. We can be involved as little or as much as you wish based on out three working options. To see these three options and decide which one would be best for you, you can head to our website where we have each of them laid out for you. Check them out by clicking here.
If you have any questions about becoming a rental manager feel free to ask us! Whether you know for sure that you are looking to partner with us to help you rent out your space, or you just want to learn a little more about what it entails, get in touch with us. We can sit down with you and make sure you are fully informed with how the process works, what is expected of you, what you should expect from us, and how this process can benefit you. One major contributing factor in how successful you can come to be in rental management is how long-term you plan to be involved. Depending on how long you plan to be renting out the space you own can really say a lot about how profitable you may be and which option to choose when working with Buy Sell Lease Real Estate and Rental Management.
Travis Senenfelder can be reached by email at travis@buysellleasemn.com or by phone at 651-216-9466.