Home Rental Company - Travis Senenfelder

If you are looking for a home rental company then you have come to the right place. Buy Sell Lease Real Estate and Rental Management is located in Wayzata, Minnesota and is owned and operated by realtor Travis Senenfelder. Travis is proud to be holding more than 10 years of experience working in the Twin Cities real estate market, with special attention to the western suburbs. If you are thinking about renting out a home, or just have some questions about renting out a home, then we are here to help. Learn a little more about our company and what we have to offer you by checking out our website, www.buysellleasemn.com. You can also check out specifically what we have to offer when it comes to renting homes in the Twin Cities by clicking here.
When it comes to renting out homes there are definitely some perks, but also some disadvantages that may lead you to purchasing a home rather then renting one. But no worries, Buy Sell Lease Real Estate can help you lease or purchase a home. One of the biggest perks to leasing a home is that the costs incurred are usually much more fixed compared to owning a home. There are still varying costs when it comes to leasing but there are much more fixed costs that allow you to know pretty close to exactly how much you will be spending over the course of your time in the rental. This leads me to my next point, when your lease is up you can just move. When you rent out a home, you do not have to ensure the sale of the home before you can move making you much more mobile. Another perk of leasing a home is that you don't have to worry about loosing equity in the home. If the property value drops while you are in residence, that does not effect you, rather it affects the landlord. This being said, while you can't loose equity in the home, you also can't gain any equity in the home if the value rises. 
Another great aspect to renting out a home is that there is much less of an up-front cost when it comes to signing the lease. This can save you money in the long run, especially if you don't plan on keeping residence in that home for a very long period of time. One last great perk of renting a home is that often times you don't need to keep up with much of the maintenance, that is for the landlord to take care of. Now this brings me to one of the downsides to renting out a home. When you rent a home most of the time you have little control of the appearance of the home, both inside and out. All this being said, if you believe that renting out a home is the right move for you then I encourage you to get in contact with Travis Senenfelder. If you have any further questions about renting homes or just want to talk real estate he can be contacted by email at travis@buysellleasemn.com or by phone at 651-216-9466.