Looking for a Real Estate Agent in the Eastern Suburbs - BSL Real Estate

Looking for a real estate agent in the eastern suburbs? Perfect! Travis Senenfelder of Buy Sell Lease Real Estate is looking for clients in the eastern suburbs. Travis Senenfelder is realtor, owner, and operator of BSL Real Estate which is located in Wayzata, Minnesota. If you wish to learn a little more about Travis, check out his personal bio by clicking here. You can also head over to our website to learn all about the services we offer including buying, selling, and leasing property and real estate in the Twin Cities area. Check it out here, www.buysellleasemn.com.
Now if you are looking to buy some real estate in the eastern suburbs of the Twin Cities, I encourage you to check out Woodbury. Woodbury, Minnesota is located just east of St. Paul making a downtown commute short and painless. Woodbury is also home to some truly beautiful river scenery between the Mississippi and the St. Croix Rivers. There is also much to do outside in Woodbury, from walking and biking trails, to lakes and parks. This city is home to an exciting and thriving community filled with jobs, recreation, shopping and more! So I encourage you to head to our website and read up a little more about Woodbury by clicking here.
So now your next step is to contact Travis Senenfelder. He can be reached by phone at 651216-9466 or by email at travis@buysellleasemn.com. We look forward to exploring the eastern suburbs with you!