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Real estate in Minnesota is not something that is hard to come by. However without an agent it can be something that is hard to sift through. With the vast amounts of real estate for sale and for rent in the even just the Twin Cities area, it's hard to search through it all alone and find what you are looking for. This is why we are here to help! Buy Sell Lease Real Estate is located in Wayzata, Minnesota, a western suburb of the Twin Cities. BSL Real Estate is owned and operated by none other than real estate agent Travis Senenfelder. Check out our website by clicking here, Now if you are looking to buy a home in Minnesota, I would like to take this time to highlight two of the eastern suburbs of the Twin Cities to give you a feel of what is out there and available for the searching. 
First I would like to talk to you about Roseville, Minnesota. Roseville is located very conveniently close to Minneapolis and St. Paul making a drive into the cities convenient and quick. Roseville is one of the smaller of the Twin Cities suburbs, but still thrives with life and excitement. With the Rosedale Center Mall and the Har Mar Mall, there is always a place to go shopping or even just run simple errands. This city is home to a great business community as well as safe neighborhoods and excellent schools. With many parks and lakes available to the public, there is always something to be done in the good 'ol outdoors. In the summer there is boating and swimming, playing catch, or some recreational sports. And in the winter some of the lakes and ponds are available for ice skating and ice fishing. Either way no matter what the season there is always a way to be active outside in Roseville. Learn a little more about Roseville by clicking here.
Next I would like to chat about Maplewood, Minnesota. Maplewood also holds onto a great location making travel around the Twin Cities convenient and quick. Maplewood is home to the 3M headquarters and has a thriving business community. But besides location and business Maplewood has a thriving community filled with life and adventure. This city has many parks and outdoor trails making it easy for joggers, walkers, and bikers to stay active in a place very close to home. Maplewood is also a part of a very good school district making this city a great place to start and raise a family. Maplewood is a great place to be looking for real estate today with its vibrant community, great outdoor activities, thriving businesses and great school. So take the time to check out more about Maplewood by clicking here.
So the next step is yours to take. If you choose to get in contact with us we can help you explore these two suburbs as well as many others until you find the right one for you. So give Travis a call at 651-216-9466 or send him an email at