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Minneapolis, Minnesota is part of the great Twin Cities, filled with life and excitement at every turn. Minneapolis is known for its encouragement and acceptance of the arts as well as its beautiful landscapes and great entertainment. With so much always going on you will never be bored in Minneapolis, this city has so much to offer and so much for you to explore. Travis Senenfelder of Buy Sell lease Real Estate is here to help you explore Minneapolis for your next real estate move. Travis Senenfelder is realtor, owner, and operator of BSL Real Estate which is located in Wayzata, Minnesota. Check out Buy Sell Lease's website here, www.buysellleasemn.com
Minneapolis is a great place to be buying real estate today. It has so much to offer in a sense that there is something here for everyone! The outdoors man may enjoy a good time at Lake Calhoun. Lake Calhoun in the biggest lake in the Minneapolis area, full of beaches and running/biking trails. Lake Calhoun is also linked with Lake Harriet, Cedar Lake, and Lake of the Isles. All these lakes together provide swimming, boating, and much more, the perfect day out on the lake. Minneapolis is also home to a great amount of the arts with the Guthrie Theater and the Walker Art Center. The Guthrie Theater is known for the buildings exceptional architecture as well as the profound shows that are put on in the theater. The Walker Art Center is the home of the state famous sculpture gardens which includes the massive cherry and the spoon. The sculpture gardens provide a great day of fun for anyone, with walking paths, places for pictures, and beautiful sculptures and artwork to view and your leisure. And these amenities aren't the only things that Minneapolis has to offer. 
Minneapolis can supply a day of fun for just about anyone, from a young couple to a blossoming family. With all the shopping throughout Nicollet Mall, there is a store for everyone! With most of the main buildings being connected by the skyway, even on the coldest of the Minnesota winter days, you can still travel around town with ease. So with all this being said, there is plenty of reasons to choose Minneapolis as your next place to live. Minneapolis is known for some of its truly beautiful architecture, and exceptional homes. But if you are going to be looking for some Minneapolis real estate, then you are going to need an experienced real estate agent, this is where we come in. Travis Senenfelder is proud to have over 10 years of experience in the Twin Cities real estate market. With this being said, Travis is a very dedicated and professional individual who will work with you to the end to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for. So now its up to you, get in contact with up so we can start exploring Minneapolis with you. Travis can be contacted by email at travis@buysellleasemn.com or by phone at 651-216-9466.