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Looking for a realtor in the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities? Well Buy Sell Lease Real Estate is a local real estate company looking to help you buy, sell, or lease some Twin Cities property. BSL Real Estate is owned and operated by none other than Travis Senenfelder, local real estate agent. BSL Real Estate is located in Wayzata, Minnesota and we hold the tools and motivation to help your real estate search in the northwest suburbs become a successful one. With Travis holding onto over 10 years of experience in the real estate business, he is just the man for the job. Take a look at our website at www.buysellleasemn.com to learn a little more about us and what we have to offer.
Now if you are looking in the northwestern part of the Twin Cities, then you are probably looking at cities such as New Hope, Crystal, or even Plymouth. Let's take a look at each one of these cities and decide which one is right for you! New Hope is home to some beautiful park scenes and a great amount of outdoor activity. This city is also known for being a part of the independent school district 281, one of the best in the state of Minnesota. Now Crystal is also a part of this great independent school district, but also has some great features that set it apart from the others. Crystal, Minnesota is well known for its excellent sense of community. With many community events such as their yearly summer festival, Crystal Frolics, it's no wonder why the city's motto is "where family and community are number one!" With both New Hope and Crystal in the same school district and both having an abundance of parks and recreational areas, both are great choices for anyone.
Now Plymouth is a little different than New Hope and Crystal. Plymouth is a much larger suburb with much more housing and many more people, but that is expected when you have over 30 square miles to call Plymouth. Plymouth is home to many lakes and lake homes that can satisfy anyone's need for a day out on the lake. This city was also named the best place to live in America in 2008 by Money Magazine. With this being said, it's hard to see why anyone wouldn't want to live here. Looking at the three cities it's hard to choose which one is going to be the pick for you. But that's what BSL Real Estate is here for, to help you find the best place for the best price. Travis will work very closely with you to help determine where you want to live, and he will help you get there. So now I encourage you to take the next step and take the time to get in contact with us so we can get your real estate search started. Travis can be reached by email at travis@buysellleasemn.com or by phone at 651-216-9466.