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Looking to lease a home within the Twin Cities area? Whether you are looking to find some new property to lease, or looking to lease some property that you already own, BSL Real Estate can help. Check out our website at Buy Sell Lease Real Estate is owned and operated by Travis Senenfelder and is located in Wayzata, Minnesota. Travis Senenfelder has been working within the real estate market for over 10 years now giving him the experience he needs to help you with leasing a home. We encourage you to read Travis's personal bio on our website to learn a little more about him as an individual as well as a realtor. Check it out here!
Leasing a home can be a stressful process, but at Buy Sell Lease Real Estate we believe it shouldn't have to be. We hold the tools and dedication to help this process be stress free for you. So if you are looking for an experienced and professional real estate agent, then we've got you covered. Travis Senenfelder. You can contact Travis by email at or by phone at 651-216-9466. Contact Travis to set up a meeting or even if you just have some questions pertaining to real estate, he would love to hear from you.
Check out some rentals in Shakopee, Minnesota, the home of the Twin Cities amusement park Valley Fair.