Residential House Lease - Twin Cities - BSL Real Estate

Looking for a house to lease in the Twin Cities but not really sure how to get started? That's ok! First off you can head over to  our website at and navigate to the bottom right corner of the page and check out a multitude of suburbs of the Twin Cities. Each one has a decent descriptions with facts about the city along with local listings of homes for sale and rent in that area. So now that you might now the area you want to make residence in, you are going to need an experienced realtor to make it happen, this is where we come in. Travis Senenfelder is realtor, owner, and operator of BSL Real Estate which is located in Wayzata, Minnesota. Travis holds over 10 years of experience working with real estate in the Twin Cities area. This makes him a very knowledgeable and professional individual, perfect for the job. Check out Travis's personal bio from our website to learn a little more about him, click here. I would also like to point you in the direction of a page from our website all about leasing real estate, check it out here. So now if you are looking for a realtor to help you lease a house in the Twin Cities area, then contact Travis Senenfelder. He can be reached by either email at or by phone at 651-216-9466.